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    Mission and Vision
SUN SOURCE believes in and supports the emerging global consensus that the international community needs to do something – do something sooner rather than later – to pursue a low carbon path and to leave a healthier planet for our children.

In 1992, renewable energy accounted for only 0.1 percent of India’s total generation capacity. By 2002, India’s share of renewable energy increased to 3 percent, while that’s still a small percentage, it represents a thirty-fold increase in just one decade. Also, India’s present growth rate cannot be sustained without energy security.

Our Mission is to be a leading Global Renewable Energy company, providing superior quality products and services at competitive prices in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

The management of SUN SOURCE believes there is a current untapped market opportunity due to the power crises spread across the country on a very large scale.

The team at SUN SOURCE is dedicated towards bridging this power deficit in an environmentally friendly way.

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